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    Is It Time to Switch to HTTPS?

    HTTPS has been a tiny bit of Google's ranking every since 2014 and as of April of last year, they are still saying that isn't in the plans to change the weight of that element. … read more

    Do I have to pay for a Secure Certificate?

    No, but you may want to still buy a secure certificate even if there are free ones available.

    The ability to offer free secure certficates has been established as a fact for cPanel servers. And … read more

    Should I Upgrade my Zen Cart Store?

    Note: 1.5.5f was recently released. I've been led to believe it's the last update for 1.5.5. Based on that premise, I have started upgrading to 1.5.5f. More on that here.

    A recent patch released … read more

    Zen Cart Changes for Mastercard

    If you are using anything besides 1.5.5e or 1.5.5f, you may need to grab that file for MasterCard. Mastercard is starting to use card numbers that start with a two instead of a five. The 1.5.5e … read more

    Seven Things to Ask When Buying a Zen Cart Site

    Once again, I've run into a businessman who thought he could purchase an already established Zen Cart site and make money. 

    So once again I'm having to deliver bad news to a man who just … read more