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Zen Cart 1.5.8 Templating

One thing I am sure of more than ever, those lazy template creators who never update the actual files but claim their templates work on all versions will really have problems with this version. Freebies … read more

Major UPS Changes

UPS suddenly with no notice has dropped the API used for the Zen Cart UPS module. My newsletter did talk about this but our intrepid developer, lat9, has just released the new module this morning. … read more

WordPress & Easy E-commerce

I’ve got some exciting news for Word Press users. I’m presently using WPForms in this blog for my website contact page. After not relying on WordPress for much more than simple blog posts, I ended … read more

The Best Contact Forms

This site has always used a php script for its contact forms. I purchased a very cheap script years ago that has quit working time after time. The developer always fixes for no cost but … read more

Zencart 1.5.8 status & a new Image Mod

Zen Cart 1.5.8

I have completed converting my readytogo template to 1.5.8 and installed it on a working site. There are no issues with my template but definitely issues with 1.5.8 on PHP 8.1. Nothing … read more