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1.5.6, & spam

(updated 2/27/1) As I said before, please wait before updating to 1.5.6. Version A was just released. How many more are coming? just sent out a email stating support of one feature is being phased out. There’s no need to rush to make changes right and it depends on which module/method you are using. Most folks I know use the AIM – direct onsite credit cards. If you want, you can remove the MD5 Hash value from your account now. Blank box means hash isn’t being used…. Read more

Zen Cart 1.5.6 is Out

The newest version of Zen Cart was released this month and  there’s a another Zen Cart bit of news explained in a forum post about a scam targeting Zen Cart owners and PCI compliance. That one you can read about  here: Zen Cart 1.5.6 has finally brought mobile to the admin which I know a lot of owners will be thrilled about. But (again, there is a but) there are already 2 bugs… Read more

GDPR & Zen Cart

GDPR is General Data Protection Rule as created by Europe. Basic bottom line is that it possibly affects all ecommerce world-wide. The truth is no one really knows what will happen for cart owners outside of Europe but be aware you could be affected. I read a number of articles before started this and in reality all I gleaned was that the GDPR is a very long winded policy with no details that are instructive to small cart owners. This page by a US based lawyer does address… Read more

Spam & Zen Cart Contact Form

I have had a couple of complaints recently about the Zen Cart contact form and spam. It's been years since I've had any complaints and thought it was just a one time thing; however, that might not be the case.  At some point, the developers added in a hidden field that took care of the problem but it looks like the spammers have figured out a way around it. The only alternative at the moment is to install the Google Recaptcha (which I hate) found here in the… Read more

The Dangers of WordPress with ZenCart

I've always warned folks that putting WordPress on the same hosting as ecommerce could be a hacker's dream. I hadn't seen any hacks in such a long time, I was beginning to wonder how correct I might be. Well, sorry, folks but a client just discovered her site was hacked and she does have a blog. A blog she was rarely ever posting on and certainly not checking her necessary updates in the WP admin. It does look like WP was used to gain access to the hosting… Read more