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    Many web hosts make it so easy nowadays! Click a button and install Zen Cart...

    If this is not the case on your hosting, we'll be glad to install it for you. Since those automatic installations also come with hosting changes or problems, having the installation done manually is sometimes better. We never use the Zen Cart auto-installations; we have our own file set that we use with some subtle differences and sometimes fixes that haven't made it into auto versions yet.

    One things the auto-installers do is put up the demo image files even though you aren't going to be using them. We've removed those files, cleaned up the image folder and freed up that space on your hosting. Our version is always the most up-to-date which sometimes is not the case on your hosting.

    Configuration headache? Common problem with Zen Cart.

    Zen Cart's admin is daunting and getting your cart set up yourself can be very time-consuming. You have to worry about shipping, taxes, payment and all sorts of stuff before even starting adding products. (Giggle, we rarely find folks who do that first - people are more likely to dive in with categories and products first.)

    At any point after you install your Zen Cart, we'll be glad to step in and finish up the configuration and make sure you are ready to sell online. Let us guide you and your headaches will fade into the past!

    In fact, the best time to bring us in? Before you do anything!

    That way you don't have to pay us to redo or undo things and you'll get a good start in your e-commerce venture. You can't imagine the time that can be spent tracking down a problem that you or a well-intentioned employee created by accident. As a cart owner, you absolutely do not need to know how to setup Zen Cart. Save that time, invest some money and get going faster and easier!

    Contact us to get started!