Oh, Google, how I love/hate you!

I had a minor website issue this week but it had me going for a while. One of my customers received a notice that his site had mobile issues. My template has always passed muster so figuring out what was going on became a real challenge. You see, Google will announce problems, give you the gist of the problems detected, specific down to the actual page the problem appears on. So, I got that far. But it was the site map! Simply generated content of the category names with nothing extra…. Read more

WordPress Update

WordPress is now updating to 5.3.1. If you haven’t been informed that your site has updated, log in and do it now. This article explains the changes. I don’t usually post about WordPress but this update has some important changes that affects every WordPress website. Update… Read more

Authorize.net SIM News

The SIM module provided in Zen Cart payments is the one that instead of processing on your website, the buyer is redirected to an authorize.net page to finalize their payment and then returned to your website. As of August 15, they are requiring an accurate listing of the Relay Response URL. This is not hard to do and I think should be already set up for your account; however, I do believe it has been working without this as the one account I looked at did not have a relay response url set… Read more

Security Patch Released for All Versions

Just announced this morning, the Zen Cart core team released a security patch for all versions back to 1.3.8. It addresses a possible sql injection in the product notifications code. This file needs uploading to every Zen Cart version – EVERY ONE! Contact me if you need assistance. I’m presently uploading this to everyone on my server and all my maintenance clients. The Zen Cart forum post is here with a link to the file:… Read more

How to Switch to SSL in Zen Cart

There’s several pieces to SSL and Zen Cart. Of course, you need a secure certificate. Do note whether it works with both www and non-www. If it does not, be sure to only use the one that works. (Yes, I know that seems simplistic but details matter.) Next, there are two places in the files where the change needs to take place – both of them config files, one for the customer facing part and one for admin. Both are located in the includes directories and titled configure.php. The examples… Read more