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Zen Cart 1.5.7 Release

Sure as I live and breathe! I sent out an email newsletter and only a few hours later, they released the version! I still will not update carts – I always prefer to wait at least 6 months so that most bugs can be fixed first. But I’m really happy with this release and as it works on php 7.4, it may be that some folks gotta have it now. The release announcement is here:! The first set of changes I’ll list here for… Read more

WordPress Updates

WordPress 5.4 update just came out recently and it appears to be a major one so your site will not auto update. Log in and update for safety and new… Read more

In Times of Crisis

I don’t know about you but being forced to stay home, as we are at high risk during these perilous times, gives me the opportunity to review, regroup and innovate my digital life. I’m working on editing pages and finishing up some stuff I’ve let go on too long; I created a new youtube channel for WizTech and one for my personal blog. I’m sifting through rumors (no, I don’t think Square is forgiving fees, sorry!) and trying to decide what’s really important in my business world. I’ve had… Read more

Oh, Google, how I love/hate you!

I had a minor website issue this week but it had me going for a while. One of my customers received a notice that his site had mobile issues. My template has always passed muster so figuring out what was going on became a real challenge. You see, Google will announce problems, give you the gist of the problems detected, specific down to the actual page the problem appears on. So, I got that far. But it was the site map! Simply generated content of the category names with nothing extra…. Read more

WordPress Update

WordPress is now updating to 5.3.1. If you haven’t been informed that your site has updated, log in and do it now. This article explains the changes. I don’t usually post about WordPress but this update has some important changes that affects every WordPress website. Update… Read more