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Delia’s Ready To Go Template Updated

I’ve just redone the Zen Cart ReadyToGo template demo site and updated the template itself. The updates are not apparent but necessary. If I’ve installed a template for you, please contact me or create a support ticket to arrange for an update. (free for maintenance customers). It’s not major but enhances cart security, taking advantage of pieces of Zen Cart 1.5.6. I also removed the COWOA – checkout without account – from the template so now no core files are changed. This makes the… Read more

Zen Cart Mobile Choices

There is no one mobile solution for Zen Cart even though responsive templates are the biggest rage right now. But I keep being asked what can be done and thus this post so that I don't have to write this over and over. The choices are still quite clear: Responsive templates Adaptive templates Dual Templates Responsive templates  Now that Zen Cart 1.5.5 has been released, there is now a built-in responsive template so if… Read more

Responsive for Zen Cart Done Right

I have many complaints about responsive and have been very vocal about it. I finally did something about it!  My complaints: 1. Adds too many files and increases load time. 2, Mobile first leads to ugly (yes, down right ugly) desktop websites. 3. Mobile first dictates what is included on desktop. (and that is frequently chosen by a designer who is not a zen cart pro) So I started playing with the basic (classic) Zen Cart site to see what it would… Read more

Mobile Friendly Zen Cart

I kept the title of this post short and sweet.Unfortunately, if you don't like to read a long post, it's not short and sweet. The discussion would appear to be how to have a mobile friendly Zen Cart site. But really, that's only part of what any website owner needs to know. The first thing is: Don't Panic!!! I did for a few days so you don't have to. Google has announced that as of April 21, they will start using mobile friendliness (or… Read more

10 Must Knows for Mobile Ready Sites

Google stepped up its mobile game this week with an announcement that it was putting into play "faulty redirect warnings". This only happens when redirects are set to move the visitor automatically to the mobile version – when the redirect only takes the visitor to a home page and not to the page they were looking for.  This scenario occurs when one is searching on his / her phone or some tablets and the search results point to a normal… Read more