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    Mobile Friendly Zen Cart

    I kept the title of this post short and sweet.Unfortunately, if you don't like to read a long post, it's not short and sweet. The discussion would appear to be how to have a mobile friendly Zen … read more

    10 Must Knows for Mobile Ready Sites

    Google stepped up its mobile game this week with an announcement that it was putting into play "faulty redirect warnings". This only happens when redirects are set to move the visitor automatically to the mobile version – … read more

    The Truth about Responsive Templates

    Even the name sounds desirable. Who wouldn't want a website template that changed to fit the medium when necessary? Who wouldn't want to just drop in a new template that solved all those issues? Who … read more

    The Top 10 Reasons to Go Mobile Now

    It's Not Just Coming; It's Here Now!

    I just read an article about the state of mobile and I'm going to summarize and paraphrase it but you can read it at SiteProNews as well. All read more