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The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Shopping Cart Design

I found that I'm repeating myself so often when talking to clients about a new template for their Zen Cart sites that I realized it was time for a blog post. Duh. Now moving my brain out of low gear into the yippee blog post mode! Things have been pretty quiet for a while now in the Zen Cart community and we've been working on expanding our business into new areas (look for an announcement on that later). But time to polish fingernails and dig into… Read more

The Truth about Responsive Templates

Even the name sounds desirable. Who wouldn't want a website template that changed to fit the medium when necessary? Who wouldn't want to just drop in a new template that solved all those issues? Who wouldn't want a mobile website that comes as part of a package? Gee, now that I think about it – kinda sounds too good to be true, huh? Magic that just fixes things. Huh, no. Sorry, as usual, it's not quite that simple. The Normal Responsive… Read more

10 Ways to Get Fired as a Client

I’ll bet you never thought of someone firing their client, have you? Well, I’m going to tell you how make that happen! In your first conversation, do tell me that you know a lot about Zen Cart, websites, coding, etc. I have had men (sorry, no ladies have ever tried this) who want to either intimidate me into being honest or impress me with their knowledge. Obviously that doesn’t work well and frequently is a warning sign that I may not want to take you on as a client in the first… Read more

My Top Ten Web Design Rules

I am web designer – someone who designs for the web but who spends more time implementing the designs of others.  The biggest bane of my working existence is having to implement designs from designers who are out to make websites “pop” with design, make the site “stand out” with design and who don’t follow some important rules. Websites tend to be standardized in many ways due to the importance of: navigation visual clarity functionality Since I get to implement those “stand out”… Read more

My client wants a big flash banner – what do I do? Part II

I’ve found several tricks that can reduce the footprint (loading and visual) and impact of a flash object. It seems the most popular use of flash is that ever present top banner – that place you cannot avoid looking at.  And therein lies the problem. First, consider a hidden division with keywords. Place a division with a display none style above the flash to get those keywords and good descriptions up top.  Maybe repeat the good info from below the flash? Increase your keyword density on… Read more