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    Finally, it’s ready for Zen Cart 1.5.7!

    Not only has the Wiztech responsive template been upgraded but it also has some new features. Most obviously, the ezpage (Important Links) links and the information sideboxes are now viewable in the mobile version. You can read about this and view those boxes in action on the demo site.

    More changes also make admin changes and features more obvious. Instead of being spread around admin, the admin switches are all under Configuration in a section entitled ‘ClassicBasic Template Configuration’. The demo site admin settings page has been updated to explain these settings.

    There’s now a page on this site about the process of this custom template and of course, there is a more general page about our responsive template philosophy.  I’ve raised the price of the custom template but it is customized just for you, designed, installed and configured completely.

    Though I use the same base template, if you cruise through the themes on the demo site, you will see how they can be altered (many of those themes were actually done for clients). There is even more possibilities – I just can’t show them all with the template switcher coding. All have to use the same database settings except for the sideboxes. Look at this one first as it’s a recent design which is totally original for a magic supplies website (alas, it’s no longer viewable on the web due to death of the owner). I completely designed that header from scratch with only a bit of their original logo.

    This one uses a logo done by my logo designers and this one was incredibly fun to create for you train aficionados. I also finally got a full working theme with that big dropdown menu folks like (I’m not so happy with it!) but I had to really put together a lot of different mods and altered code to get it right for mobile. It’s customizable so those headings and links are not set in stone. I got one for the fishing folks – it’s presently being used on their site but I didn’t create that cute little fishing hook – just incorporated it from their previous design.

    If you are interested, contact me or go ahead and pay for your custom template!

    Author: Delia Wilson Lunsford, Founder & CEO, WizTech, Inc.