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In Times of Crisis

I don’t know about you but being forced to stay home, as we are at high risk during these perilous times, gives me the opportunity to review, regroup and innovate my digital life. I’m working on editing pages and finishing up some stuff I’ve let go on too long; I created a new youtube channel for WizTech and one for my personal blog. I’m sifting through rumors (no, I don’t think Square is forgiving fees, sorry!) and trying to decide what’s really important in my business world. I’ve had… Read more

Is Our Technology Damaging Communication?

On December 1, 2012, a man passed away in Ireland. He wasn’t famous, no celebrity or athlete, and his disappearance did not make the headlines.  His name was Conor Kerr and he was a Zen Cart developer like me.  That means he was well-known in a very small international community. I had the honor of knowing Conor – from across the ocean. I never met him face to face; I never shook his hand or was able to hug him.  But in many ways I did get to know Conor on a level deeper than nearly every… Read more

Corraling those social media icons from Facebook, Google+….

It’s getting so that the group of social media icons one can have on a website is just a bit unwieldy – having to size them all the same. Getting up the new one to see if it looks okay, etc. There’s an easier way to do this work that I use on all the websites I work on.  Instead of using the separate icon images, I create a background. The one to the left is 20 pixels high and 145 pixels wide. After adding the Google+ button in, I decided this blog post was necessary because I ran… Read more

Top Ten Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing

More social media info and thoughtful advice Read the original… Read more