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    10 Ways to Get Fired as a Client

    I’ll bet you never thought of someone firing their client, have you?

    Well, I’m going to tell you how make that happen!

    1. In your first conversation, do tell me that you know a lot about
    read more

    My Top Ten Web Design Rules

    I am web designer – someone who designs for the web but who spends more time implementing the designs of others.  The biggest bane of my working existence is having to implement designs from designers … read more

    My client wants a big flash banner – what do I do? Part II

    I’ve found several tricks that can reduce the footprint (loading and visual) and impact of a flash object.

    It seems the most popular use of flash is that ever present top banner – that place … read more

    Oh, no, my client wants a big flash banner -what do I do? part 1

    Any decent web designer/developer knows and understands the idea of best web practices, but what to do when your client won’t cooperate?

    This got to be the biggest bane of web pros:  clients who pay … read more