The Top 10 Reasons to Go Mobile Now

It's Not Just Coming; It's Here Now!

I just read an article about the state of mobile and I'm going to summarize and paraphrase it but you can read it at SiteProNews as well. All stats mentioned here are from that article unless noted otherwise.

When I created my Zen Cart mobile template at the first of 2012, I had few requests and few takers for it. Now I'm starting to have clients mention a mobile or responsive version (usually after the full site has been completed). Big changes in those requests have happened in just the last month.

According to SiteProNews, "According to Monetate Ecommerce quarterly, the growth of consumers using their mobiles to shop is steadily growing each quarter and has almost doubled from Q1 in 2012 to Q1 in 2013. Analysts estimate that mobile marketing will outstrip fixed internet access next year."

Most Websites Cannot Not Be Effectively Viewed on Mobile Devices.

Only 17% can be viewed well. Not surprising at all. Getting into mobile now gives you a competitive edge.

Review Sites are Becoming Normal as Part of the Buying Process

"40% of Shoppers Consult Three or More Review Sites Before Making a Purchase" – they are going online and looking for reviews and those reviews can contain the info of no mobile or had a hard time on mobile. Be aware!

4 out of 5 Consumers use Smartphones to Shop

Well, I don't know where they got that factoid but let's run with it. I'm a smart phone user and you bet I use my phone to shop. Anybody not on a smartphone is just not likely to even try to shop so it makes sense that your prospective buyers are using their smartphones for shopping. Consider this, how little are those links on your site? Look at them on a smartphone and find how hard it is to navigate a normal website.

And they are using them to check prices while in a brick and mortar store. They may not be buying your product but they might well be looking for comparative pricing or products. SiteProNews says, "You can use this to your advantage by offering discount coupons for customers to download straight to their mobile and use in your shop."

Local Search is Rising Fast

40% of searches have local intent. I know, I do it. Standing in the middle of the downtown mall, I need a new place to eat. Hey, Siri, is there a Thai place near here?  We're all using our phones in place of the phone book and yellow pages while we are on the move. It's not just about worldwide searches – it's about that new customer who just needs guidance to your door!

Mobile is Poised to Overtake Desktops

"According to the digital analytics firm Comscore, there will be more people surfing the net on portable devices next year than there will be using desktop computers." Yikes! what a change, but think about it. I not only have desktop but a laptop, iPad and iPhone. Actually I use my laptop as my primary computer so I can be totally mobile. What about your customer?  How many gadgets do you think they have? Well, the new ones are mainly mobile. As mobile use goes up, mobile shopping goes up. Time to get on board is now.

It's About Those Kids

They use their phones more than their mouths – well, if you've ever had to host a pajama party, you might say your ears declare that to be false.  "A recent survey showed that 61% of young people refer to social media sites to decide where to go and what to buy." That of course includes Facebook but putting time and money into a mobile site is much more profitable than putting it into Facebook – pages or ads.

70% of Mobile Searches lead to Online Action within an Hour

Faster reaction to searches – sounds like a dream come true! If the buyer is standing in a store looking at a great product and they search for it and find it at a better price or different color or even find a different product they like better, impulse buying kicks in. Click, click, click – done and now I can finish my errands for today!

Laptops Are Heavy

Duh, yup. Though they are portable, they are bulky and awkward. I really hate having to tote mind around though as a designer/developer, I have to show clients things on the laptop. Otherwise, I'm toting my iPad or just my iPhone and hunting for wi-fi.

Grow Communication With Your Employees and Your Customers

Get comfortable with mobile technology, social media and open a world of possibilities for your business. It's not the future; it's now.

Author: Delia Wilson Lunsford, Founder & CEO, WizTech, Inc.

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