1.5.6, authorize.net & spam

(updated 2/27/1)

As I said before, please wait before updating to 1.5.6. Version A was just released. How many more are coming?

Authorize.net just sent out a email stating support of one feature is being phased out. There’s no need to rush to make changes right and it depends on which module/method you are using.

Most folks I know use the AIM – direct onsite credit cards. If you want, you can remove the MD5 Hash value from your account now. Blank box means hash isn’t being used. But if you are using the SIM version – where credit cards are being handled on the authorize.net site, hang tight. Zen Cart is working on an updated version which you will have to switch to before the hash is completely dead. Authorize.net is simply saying the “hash
will stop returning values at a later date to be determined.” Crappy way of announcing a change completely but there it is.

Zen Cart just released the updated SIM module today. Instructions and a link to the file that needs replacing is here: https://www.zen-cart.com/showthread.php?224911-Authorize-net-phasing-out-MD5-Hash-Key-option-Jan-2019

And SPAM. Sorry folks, the contact form got broken by spammers last Feb. I don’t know at this moment if they’ve come up with an alternate way of preventing the bot spam in 1.5.6 but both 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 has the issue. There is a mod for it but I’ve not gotten it to work so far. I’ll report again when either someone re-engineers the form or comes up with a working mod. There are other mods but I dislike they way they are done – too many files to get a captcha feature on to it. My clients have also hated it in the past.

I do know I’m having this problem on another type of form but that one has more required entries and if you don’t hit it right, it redraws to a simple message screen. Bots don’t hit the back button to fix! Crappy way to stop this and I have my forms set to send anyway so I still get these emails. But I also have potential clients who do this and don’t notice the message, thinking they have sent the email. So I leave it be.

There is a working mod for spam now and I have tested it and installed it several times. I don’t like the way it’s packaged or the defaults. It’s not a mod that I would suggest the average site owner attempt but contact me for information or to install it.

Be patient is my best advice. Before when this problem existed, the bot spammers move on to other things or sites after a while. Not seeing that happen yet but keeping my fingers crossed!


Author: Delia Wilson Lunsford, Founder & CEO, WizTech, Inc.