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  • What’s wrong with the Zen Cart checkout?

    Is my personal information and credit card info safe?

    Ecommerce Answer

    Make sure the customer knows the answer.

    Zen Cart Answer

    First, be sure you have a privacy policy in place. Mine is really simple and yours can be, too: “I never sell or give away your personal information ever to anyone.”

    Secure Sidebox

    Secondly, you need to post a couple of things in one of two prominent positions. You can either put these into the header or my preferred spot is the top sidebox on the right hand side.  Those things are credit card and paypal logos, the logo for your credit card processor and whoever provides your secure certificate.

    Authorize.net has a cool little script you can put in with their symbols and a verification link.  FirstData/Linkpoint only has a little picture. Which one do you think I prefer?

    I personally never buy anything but the cheapest secure certificate so I only have a picture for that, but you can fork over the big bucks and get the verifiable one instead.  Since both have the same security, I don’t believe in paying extra money for the verifiable one.

    Putting that all together and calling it Secure Shopping should make enough of a visual impact for someone to feel more comfortable in spending money on your site.

    I recently was looking to buy online and ran across a site with all those images lined up nicely in a row – even including the Better Business Bureau.  None had a link. Good to know that the symbol should never exist without the link – a first clue that lead me to find out those folks were not who they said they were and no telling what I would have received in return for my money!

    So use images with links where possible and don’t go overboard with images that carry no proof.

    There’s also nothing wrong with letting your buyer know what is probably true for most Zen Cart sites.

    “We never keep or store your credit card information online or in our offices. Since we also use a secure certificate for the transfer of that information, no one can steal your credit card numbers!”

    Author: Delia Wilson Lunsford, Founder & CEO, WizTech, Inc.