Maintenance / Retainer Plan FAQs

  1. Who should sign up for the plan?
    Anyone with a website but especially with Zen Cart or content management sites like WordPress. If you have a static website, your plan may differ from what is described here but it is the easiest way to get changes made.
  2. Why is a plan required?
    It's more about access to our services like a retainer you pay a lawyer. We cannot afford to answer all emails and phone calls so if you paying for the plan, you can be assured to get responses from us.
  3. What are the advantages of a plan?
    Priority access is the first advantage. Also, the plan freezes your hourly rate and you will not subject to rate increases for at least 2 years. Without the plan, if the work load is high, you may never hear back from us. If you do, you will pay one hour minimum at the prevailing rate. We really don't like having to do this but it has become required to keep up with the work load we are experiencing.
  4. Is a contract required?
    No, your monthly payment renews your maintenance. No specified time limit is required.
  5. Can I stop my maintenance for some period of time and then start again?
    No, you cannot. Though no contract is required, you must continue paying for maintenance or else go off maintenance permanently.
  6. What is the price?
    Your cost depends on your hosting and your type of website. gets you the lowest costs. Another host with cpanel hosting is the next level. A host without cPanel costs more and GoDaddy hosting costs the most. This is because the difficulty of work can increase depending on who is hosting your site and what type of control panel they provide. Prices start at $65 except for
  7. How much work can I get done in a month underneath the plan?
    The plan is designed to give you 30 minutes of work - which can be 2 small tasks.
  8. What happens if what I want will not fit in the 30 minutes / 2 tasks?
    You will be informed ahead of time if the maintenance plan is not enough to handle your request or if you have already used up your maintenance plan for the present month. Any extra work is charged at your hourly rate.
  9. Can I gang up the time if I do not use the plan and apply it to another month?
    No, you cannot. This is not just about work preformed but also about access. You are keeping us on "retainer" to help when needed.
  10. Are there any extras?
    Yes! As a maintenance client, you have unlimited access to where you will find tutorials, free mods, and a searchable database for the Zen Cart admin.
  11. How is payment collected?
    When you sign up and pay your first payment, the charges will recur automatically and you don't have to do anything after that.
  12. How can I cancel?
    You must log into your account before your due date and cancel. If you aren't sure how to do that, send an email to support at stating you wish to cancel several days before your due date. We are not responsible if we do not receive word from you in time to cancel.

Last modified 1/17/2020