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  • Zencart 1.5.8 status & a new Image Mod

    Zen Cart 1.5.8

    I have completed converting my readytogo template to 1.5.8 and installed it on a working site. There are no issues with my template but definitely issues with 1.5.8 on PHP 8.1. Nothing major but throwing warnings constantly is such an aggravation.

    I ran into one issue with a mod – that is going to be the issue with many sites. Very few mods are still being maintained and some just won’t ever get upgraded since they may just have too many issues to justify keeping them alive.

    I will upgrade to 1.5.8 and install my template but it may be best to wait to 1.5.8a – yes, there will be an update in the future. If I do upgrade you to 1.5.8, that update can be included in the price if you so desire a package. 

    Here’s the installed template on 1.5.8 & php 8.1: http://158.deliatest.com/158/

    Commercial Zoom/Lightbox Image Plugin

    It’s called MagicZoom and I bought 10 licenses last year – thinking I was going to put it into my readytogo template. Considering how many changes were required with my template, I finally decided not to include it. But that does mean I have some money to recoup. Normal retail price is about $59 (49 pounds). So I’m selling these licenses at $39 each. I certainly can install and setup on your site for additional bits of cash. (I can’t price this without seeing your site files). 

    As you can see there are multiple settings for this mod. It zooms and does a normal lightbox effect as well. On the product page, it also puts the additional images into a scrollbar and replaces the main image smoothly on hover – a nice page clean up.  

    Purchase it here: https://wiztech4zc.com/hosting/index.php?rp=/store/services/magiczoomplus-license

    Author: Delia Wilson Lunsford, Founder & CEO, WizTech, Inc.