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    Oh, Google, how I love/hate you!

    I had a minor website issue this week but it had me going for a while. One of my customers received a notice that his site had mobile issues. My template has always passed muster … read more

    How to Switch to SSL in Zen Cart

    There’s several pieces to SSL and Zen Cart. Of course, you need a secure certificate. Do note whether it works with both www and non-www. If it does not, be sure to only use the … read more

    My Newest Zen Cart Toy – All About the Admin


    I started allthingszencart.com a long time ago as an effort to document the settings in the Zen Cart administration in a searchable form.

    No Index?

    There a several books published including the “official” or … read more

    Zen Cart Best Practices for SEO and Google Base Feeder

    After working with the Google Base Merchant Feed Mod from Numinix these past couple of months, I realized it was time for some instructions for entering product names and descriptions for Zen Cart.

    This is … read more

    How Zen Cart Rates for SEO

    Practical Ecommerce’s article about how to rate a shopping cart’s SEO effectiveness automatically started me thinking about how Zen Cart rates. Nowadays it’s a rare cart owner who doesn’t worry about this and I’m constantly … read more