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    Major UPS Changes

    UPS suddenly with no notice has dropped the API used for the Zen Cart UPS module. My newsletter did talk about this but our intrepid developer, lat9, has just released the new module this morning. … read more

    How to Switch to SSL in Zen Cart

    There’s several pieces to SSL and Zen Cart. Of course, you need a secure certificate. Do note whether it works with both www and non-www. If it does not, be sure to only use the … read more

    Authorize.net Changes in Effect

    Last week the authorize.net changes were put into effect. The notices went out a very long time ago but for some too long ago.

    If you are using the SIM module (payments take place off … read more

    Zen Cart Mobile Template Upgraded

    Interestingly enough, I was finishing up the new version of my mobile template when I got the email about the new Zen Cart Version being released last weekend. So I swung into action and packaged … read more

    How Does the EU Cookie Law Apply to Zen Cart?

    and the answer is?

    It normally doesn’t.

    This information comes from http://www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/privacy_and_electronic_communications/the_guide/cookies

    And I quote:

    “Some cookies can be exempted from informed consent under certain conditions if they are not used for additional purposes. These read more