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Zen Cart 1.5.7 Release

Sure as I live and breathe! I sent out an email newsletter and only a few hours later, they released the version! I still will not update carts – I always prefer to wait at least 6 months so that most bugs can be fixed first. But I’m really happy with this release and as it works on php 7.4, it may be that some folks gotta have it now. The release announcement is here:! The first set of changes I’ll list here for… Read more

In Times of Crisis

I don’t know about you but being forced to stay home, as we are at high risk during these perilous times, gives me the opportunity to review, regroup and innovate my digital life. I’m working on editing pages and finishing up some stuff I’ve let go on too long; I created a new youtube channel for WizTech and one for my personal blog. I’m sifting through rumors (no, I don’t think Square is forgiving fees, sorry!) and trying to decide what’s really important in my business world. I’ve had… Read more SIM News

The SIM module provided in Zen Cart payments is the one that instead of processing on your website, the buyer is redirected to an page to finalize their payment and then returned to your website. As of August 15, they are requiring an accurate listing of the Relay Response URL. This is not hard to do and I think should be already set up for your account; however, I do believe it has been working without this as the one account I looked at did not have a relay response url set… Read more

Delia’s Ready To Go Template Updated

I’ve just redone the Zen Cart ReadyToGo template demo site and updated the template itself. The updates are not apparent but necessary. If I’ve installed a template for you, please contact me or create a support ticket to arrange for an update. (free for maintenance customers). It’s not major but enhances cart security, taking advantage of pieces of Zen Cart 1.5.6. I also removed the COWOA – checkout without account – from the template so now no core files are changed. This makes the… Read more

How to Switch WordPress to SSL

Securing your WordPress site is quite simple. After your secure certificate is installed, go to Settings > General. There are two blanks for the WordPress address and the site address which may be the same. Just add in that s to http in both and save. If your site has switched to mandatory SSL, you’ll have to make those changes in the database. This really isn’t hard but can be scary. If you can access phpMyAdmin (cPanels all have that link – some hosting companies hide it), go to your… Read more