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My Top Ten Web Design Rules

I am web designer – someone who designs for the web but who spends more time implementing the designs of others.  The biggest bane of my working existence is having to implement designs from designers who are out to make websites “pop” with design, make the site “stand out” with design and who don’t follow some important rules. Websites tend to be standardized in many ways due to the importance of: navigation visual clarity functionality Since I get to implement those “stand out”… Read more

Top Ten Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing

More social media info and thoughtful advice Read the original… Read more

The Top 10 Reasons to Go Mobile Now

It's Not Just Coming; It's Here Now! I just read an article about the state of mobile and I'm going to summarize and paraphrase it but you can read it at SiteProNews as well. All stats mentioned here are from that article unless noted otherwise. When I created my Zen Cart mobile template at the first of 2012, I had few requests and few takers for it. Now I'm starting to have clients mention a mobile or responsive version (usually after the full site has been… Read more

SEO with no Content? #Fail

No one has ever accused me of being a conservative, yet I find myself becoming more conservative in my chosen career! One of those acts of moderation for me happens in the middle of SEO (search engine optimization). I recently got a new client whose site was well-positioned in the search engines for his chosen keywords.  He had hired an SEO expert to put him there and it worked like a charm. The only problem was that he wasn’t getting the business he assumed would be forthcoming. When I… Read more

10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Zen Cart Help

Just because someone says he / she knows Zen Cart does not mean they are an expert! I’m a Zen Cart Expert and I get to clean up the messes made by those who say they can work on Zen Cart. But first, what is Zen Cart? It is an open-source (free) shopping cart for your website. It’s one of the ones you will find in your hosting control panel for an easy install. And there lies the problem. One click – yippee! I have a shopping cart. Uh, oops, that’s ugly. So you start trying to… Read more